What to do whilst your other half is watching Manchester United vs Liverpool

Whenever Manchester United take on Liverpool in a football match it’s a big deal for blokes.  It’s one of the biggest rivalries in world football and it is contested between the two most successful clubs in English football.

The latest contest between the two teams takes place on Saturday 10 March at lunchtime with Manchester United being the hosts.  It is expected to be a close encounter as bookmaker Paddy Power are giving similar odds for either side to win in their Premier League bets market.

Both sides are competing for second place in the Premier League, with Manchester City running away with the title.  If there is a victory at Old Trafford this Saturday the winners will end the weekend in second place.

But how many ladies want to be stuck in the house at lunchtime on Saturday whilst their partner gets stuck into the football match which will take up more than two hours of his time – and probably more if they’re watching the pre-match build up and post-match analysis.

Here are five suggestions for what you would be doing instead of waiting around or pretending to be interested in the big match:


A girl’s favourite pastime.  At least for many ladies.  Whilst your partner is trapped in front of the TV during the hottest hours of the day, why not pop out to town to do a bit of shopping?

Need new shoes?  Perhaps new clothes or a necklace?  Maybe, just maybe you’ll purchase something to catch his attention when you get back and get his eyes away from the big screen.


After the snowfall the weather is set to get better over the next few weeks.  The forecast  for London this Saturday is currently 11 degrees – warm enough to go sightseeing in a neighbouring town or city.

Great Britain has several sights up and down the country that you can spend your time venturing and seeing, whilst you enjoy the fresh air and exercise at the same time.  Depending on your location this could become a weekly or fortnightly adventure for you – seeing different parts of the country whilst your partner is bogged down with a different, ”important” football match each weekend.

Catch up with old friends

Perhaps you have a friend that you haven’t seen for months or even longer?  Perhaps you have friends on social media that you’ve not actually spoken to in person for a while?  Use this opportunity to arrange a meet up this weekend.

Their partner may also be football-obsessed and watching the big match between Manchester United and Liverpool – this makes for the perfect excuse to catch up in person!

Restaurant with best friend

How often do you get to meet up with your best friend these days with their, or your, partner being around at the same time?  Maybe one of you moved away a while ago?

Why not book a table together at a fancy restaurant for a lunch to catch up about old times?  There will be plenty of time for chatter as a football match lasts 90 minutes with a 15-minute break in the middle.


Not always possible as it depends how many TVs you have in the house.  If your partner is watching the big game with his mates in the living room, you can always catch up on Netflix in the bedroom.

There are so many programmes on Netflix that you’re spoiled for choice.  You could even invite your friends over to watch a few episodes or a film together.  Though this only works if your partner and his friends don’t make too much noise that interferes with what you’re watching.  Football fans do get loud and passionate.


Reading is one of our favourite pastimes in Great Britain.  Unfortunately, with travelling to and from work, bringing up the children, making three meals a day, the distraction of TV and social media, oh and actually chatting to your partner, how often do we find time to read?

With your partner occupied for the next couple of hours this could be a great opportunity to read for the duration.  Heck, maybe you’ll find a great novel that you’ll even encourage your partner to watch football on Saturdays so that you have time to get through a book or a few yourself over the course of the football season!


Have any hobbies of your own, or ones that you have dreamt about doing but never made a start?  Perhaps you’ve wanted to go swimming, play badminton or learn rock climbing.  Saturday morning moving into lunchtime could be a perfect opportunity to pick up a new hobby whilst you have some free time.

Alternatively, you could be learning a new skill.  Perhaps it’s designing t-shirts, learning social media or cooking – a service you can sell on the side to make money whilst your partner is busy in his own little world.

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